ATTENTION:  A horse/rider must compete in their division at a minimum of five AOF VHSA shows to receive a Year End Award for that division (or Leadline, Equitation on the Flat, or Equitation Over Fences)


Please be prepared to leave an open check made out to Autumn Olive Farm.

AUTUMN OLIVE FARM holds a VHSA associate hunter show series.

Because of the COVID-19 restrictions, please wear a mask, social distance and try not to touch things that do not belong to you. Don’t come to AOF if you show any symptoms of being ill. By visiting AOF you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19. Please try to pre-enter. Please help to keep everyone safe.

AOF has added a new beginner division. Equitation Preview is for riders of any age that can walk and do a brief sitting trot. Riders cannot enter any other classes. Informal attire is okay. This division will run after Leadline and before Pre-Short Stirrup. Will run as follows: Class 1-A: walk, whoa, back 1-B: walk, 2-point walk, turn a circle both ways like a figure 8 1-C: line up head to tail, walk then brief sitting trot then back to walk, 2-point walk poles then halt. Assistants may go in with riders but should try not to touch horse.

AOF has other new divisions. See prizelist for more information.

Long Stirrup Equitation is for riders 14 and up, including adult amateurs that jump 18″.

Student Eq is now called Upper Eq – All ages, including professionals. Jumps 2 ft.

Brave Eq – All ages, including professionals. Jumps 2’6″.

Notice: In a division that has two jump courses then a flat class, you MUST enter the ring and at least attempt the first jump in order to ride in the flat class. You may not enter the flat class of a division without riding in at least the first jumping class of the division.

2023 Show Dates

  • March 25 – Kimberlea Gilbertson
  • April 8 – Edee McGregor
  • May 6 – Mary Upshur
  • May 27 – Erin Mitchell Carver
  • June 10 – Dora Wynne
  • July 8 – Mary Upshur
  • July 22 – DeDe Shumate
  • August 12 – Jennifer Traylor
  • September 9 – Dora Wynne
  • October 7 – Edee McGregor

– California Warm-Ups are available at all shows (must pay entry fee – no ribbon or points) –

Unjudged entry is allowed if entry fee is paid (no ribbon or points)

We have plenty of parking and an enclosed toilet. A water hose is near the barn. The ring footing is sand/stonedust and most of our jumps are non-scary for green horses and/or beginner riders. The loudspeaker can easily be heard from the parking area and schooling area, and the secretary stand is near the ring for last minute assistance. We have a food booth for your convenience. Although we do not allow parking next to the rail, there is plenty of room for people to sit or stand in our covered viewing platform.


The series is recognized by the Virginia Horse Show Association.  MULES, donkeys and zebras are allowed in any class :). You MUST leave a coggins copy. No phone pics.

We give 6 ribbons in each division along with a Champion and Reserve. Year End awards will be given at the final show of the series.  Year End awards will be given for each division (Champion thru 6th place) along with a Year End Overall High Point (Champion and Reserve only) for Horse, Pony, Junior Equitation and Adult Equitation (remember, you must show in your division at least 5 shows to compete for an award).  The shows will be held on Saturdays.

Our final hunter show in October is our annual “HOrsey Rett Syndrome Event” benefit show. The H.O.R.S.E. Benefit Show is to raise money for Rett Syndrome (see which is the developmental disorder that affects the Blunk’s daughter, Chelsi (*see below).  The majority of the proceeds from this show will be donated to the International Rett Syndrome Foundation for research into this debilitating disorder.   Class/Division sponsorships are accepted and 100% of the sponsorships will be donated to IRSF.  Also, we will be awarding the Year End prizes to Champion, Reserve, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th place winners in each division, along with the Year End Overall Champion and Reserve High Points:  Horse, Pony, Jr. Equitation, Adult Equitation.


(see complete rules in “VHSA_Rules.pdf” link at bottom of page for more info)


Hunter Pleasure Pony
Short Stirrup Hunter
Pony Equitation O/F
Hunter Pony O/F
Junior Equitation on the Flat – 14 & under
Junior Equitation on the Flat – 15 to 17
Adult Amateur Equitation on the Flat
Junior Hunter Pleasure Horse
Adult Hunter Pleasure Horse
Green Pony/Horse Hunter O/F
Children/Adult Amateur Equitation O/F
Children/Adult Amateur Hunter O/F
Thoroughbred Hunter O/F
Working Hunter O/F


Leadline Eq – 7 & under
Equitation Preview – all ages
Pre-Short Stirrup Eq – 12 & under
Short Stirrup Eq – 13 & under
Long Stirrup Eq – 14 & over, AA
Upper Eq – all ages, AA, pros
Brave Eq – all ages, AA, pros
Open Pleasure
Baby Green O/F
Maiden Hunter O/F
Low Hunter O/F
Schooling Hunter O/F


Baby Green O/F – 18″ straight rails.  The flat class will be walk/trot only – no canter.  It is open to horses, ponies and riders of all ages & experience.  Horses/ponies may cross enter to any other division.

Open Pleasure – Walk/Trot/Jog/Gait, GAYP, Walk/Trot/Jog/Gait/Canter/Lope – Open to all horses/ponies, including gaited – no rider limitations. Bareback allowed.  Tack: Any saddle that cannot be used in a hunter class –  Western, gaited, saddleseat, dressage, non-hunter sidesaddle, bareback, etc.  Informal attire allowed. Only saddles NOT allowed in a hunter class may be used. Any bridle is okay.

Equitation Preview – Open to all ages of riders not really good at a posting trot. Walk, 2-point walk, whoa, turn circles and do a brief sitting trot. Informal attire okay. People can go in with riders for safety, but should try not to assist.

Long Stirrup Equitation – Open to riders 14 and over, including adult amateurs that can jump 18″.

Upper Equitation (formerly Student) – Open to all ages, including pros, jumps 2ft.

Brave Equitation – Open to all ages, including pros, jumps 2’6″

AUTUMN OLIVE FARM appreciates your attendance at our events!
We hope your visits are always enjoyable.


Our Primary Photographer for 2013 was Shelby Johnson.  Below are samples of her photography at AOF.  You can contact her at or visit her website at

We have welcomed other photographers over the years:  Lachelle Henderson Photography, Sean Reilly Photography, Nujoy Photography (Carol Hills), Nihile Photography, Whoa-Snap Photography, etc.  Please notify us if your name was accidently omitted.

PLEASE NOTE: We have a new prizelist with new divisions and some rule changes.

No Limit Hunter.

Chelsi smiling
Chelsi being led on a horse

* Chelsi was born on August 12, 1991. She was born “normal”. Between 6 and 18 months she began to lose her acquired developmental skills. At 18 months she could no longer speak and lost functional use of her hands. Her ability to walk diminished and by the time she was a teen, she used a wheel chair (she can walk short distances with help). Chelsi has amazing cognitive skills and knows what is said to her. She enjoys watching TV and has shows that she particularly gets excited to watch.  Chelsi showed in a Leadline class at our 2015 H.O.R.S.E. Benefit Show. Photo by Sean Reilly.