Autumn Olive Farm

Autumn Olive Farm began in 1999 and was originally called Syn-Pic Riding School – a name that Syndi had used in the 20+ years before she moved to Goochland, because then it was mainly a riding school and horse camp. At the same time, Scott began his career as a farrier. When we decided to hold horse shows and begin boarding, we remembered a farm name that we had thought of a while back and decided to change the name.

Story About the Farm Name

There is a story behind the farm name. Scott and Syndi took Scott’s belgian horse and wagon to camp in Sherando State Forest. They arrived on a Friday afternoon. That evening, a great horned owl spooked “Ben” and he ran away. They searched for him several days with the help of local residents. On Monday a mountain biker reported a big horse chasing his dog. When “Ben” was located, he was standing happily in the Autumn Olive bushes just munching away. They decided Autumn Olive would be a good farm name.

Syndi Pickney-Blunk

Syndi is a Certified Instructor (hunter & western) with CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association). She has over 60 years of being around horses, over 50 years of competition, and over 45 years of teaching and training experience. Syndi mainly teaches and competes in hunter/jumper shows. She has experience riding and showing many different breeds in several disciplines, but is currently competing in Virginia Horse Shows Association “Associate” shows along with her students. Syndi has judged Open shows and Hunter Schooling shows, and worked with physically and mentally challenged riders, but is not a Hippotherapist.

Scott Blunk Farrier Service

Scott Blunk has been a farrier since 1999. Although he reads from many sources on hoof care, his best education comes from practical experience. Paying close attention to his work and listening to his clients has served him and his clients well. Scott is conscientious and has a good reputation for keeping appointments and arriving on time. Please call for prices.

DIRECTIONS: (3 miles south from I-64)

Shannon Hill exit #148 off I-64 (Rt. 605 – Shannon Hill Rd). Go south 1/2 mile to stop sign at Rt. 250. Cross over and continue straight for 2 miles. Turn left on Rt. 603 (Tabscott Rd – church on right). Go 1/2 mile. (Slow! when you come upon right side privacy fence/pine trees). Turn right at farm sign and go straight to park by the big barn. Swing wide and go SLOW with trailers! GPS may send you past our driveway to Slippery Rock Road – do not go there.

Drive time from the following I-64 exits:

I-81 at I-64 (Staunton) 1 hour, 295 at I-64 (Sandston) 1 hour, 295 at I-64 (Short Pump) 30 min, 288 at I-64 (Rkvl-Mnkn) 25 min, Afton Mountain 45 min, Gum Springs 10 min (Rt. 522), Oilville 20 min (Rt. 617), Rockville-Manakin 25 min (Rt. 623), Shadwell 25 min (Rt. 250), Short Pump 30 min (Rt. 295), Zion’s X-Roads 15 min (Rt.15)

Drive time from the following towns:

Ashland 45 min – Ashcake Rd to 623 to I-64-W, Buckingham 1 hr – 15-N to I-64-E, Charlottesville 30 min – 29/20/250 to I-64-E, Chesterfield 1 hr – 288-N to I-64-W, Culpeper 1 hr – 522-S to 605-S across I-64, Cumberland 45 min – 45-N to 6-E, L @ 606 to 250-W to 605-S, Farmville 1 hr – 45-N to 60-E to 45-N (see Cumberland), Goochland 20 min – 522-N to I-64-W, Gordonsville 30 min – 15-S to I-64-E, Jamestown 2 hrs – 199 to I-64-W, Louisa 20 min – 208-S to I-64-E or 605-S, Mechanicsville 45 min – 295 to I-64-W, Midlothian 45 min – 288 to I-64-W, Mineral 20 min – 522-S to 605-S across I-64, Montpelier 1 hr – 33 to 610 to 617 to I-64-W (to Oilville exit), Yorktown 2 hrs – I-64-W (or 295 to I-64-W), Powhatan 45 min – 522-N to I-64-W, Prov. Forge 1.5 hrs – I-64-W (or 295 to I-64-W), Saluda 2 hrs – I-64-W (or 295 to I-64-W), Sandston 1 hr – I-64-W (or 295 to I-64-W), Scottsville 45 min – 20-N to I-64-E, Spotsylvania 1.15 hr – 208 to 522-S to 605-S across I-64, Unionville 30 min – 522-S to 605-S across I-64, Varina 1 hr – Laburnum Ave or 295 to I-64-W, Wilderness 1 hr – 20 to 522-S to 605-S across I-64